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11 LUGLIO 2017

Today in Area 2000 we cleaned with our trowels, West to East, and re-cleaned the Southeast corner of the area. At the same time this was occuring, three of us pickaxed and cleaned the Northeast corner and dug up an area of interest that turned out to be a lense. Next to the Northeast corner...

10 LUGLIO 2017

Today's aim was cleaning and clearing area 2000. We started with light towel cleaning before pickaxing the entire area (not including the eastern corner already uncovered by the previous group). After pickaxing, we shovelled left over dirt and deep troweled until all areas were resonably flat....

05 LUGLIO 2017

For the first three hours we finished cleaning and excavating the skeleton, which exposed the right ribs 3-8 and the left scapula. We also uncovered the two clavicles, which originally looked fused but were actually held together by dirt. Then we cleaned the section in order to take photographs...

04 LUGLIO 2017

We split into three groups, with one group continuing to excavate the skeleton, the second finishing the post hole, and the third group identifying grave outlines east of the post hole. The post hole was photographed, and the three grave outlines were defined. We started excavating one of...

03 LUGLIO 2017

We were able to begin excavating again after our area was flooded for a few days. Because of the flood, there was a large deposits of sediment washed in and around the area with our exposed skeleton (which was covered during the rainy days). Half of the group trowl cleaned the north section...

29 GIUGNO 2017

After yesterday’s rain, we found our section still flooded this morning. Some bones had become dislodged, which we will not be able to recover for study as they are now out of context and we cannot be sure where they came from. Because it was still raining in the morning we spent the...

28 GIUGNO 2017

We continued to excavate our 12th century skeleton, uncovering the right side of the skull, a portion of the right pelvis, and more of the left and right metatarsals. Eventually, we had to discontinue excavating as a thunder storm began and it started...

27 GIUGNO 2017

We opened the site this morning by taking photos and points of the profile and overhead views of the grave cut that intersects perpendicularly to the fourteenth century wall (marked by soil color gradients). One person continued to excavate the exposed bone east of the femora, uncovering...





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