Diario del 21 LUGLIO 2017




AREA 3000

Lungo la porzione sud-occidentale della trincea moderna US – 3386 è stata completata la rimozione dello scheletro mal preservato USK 3800, orientato W-E e deposto supino in US – 3798. Più ad est è iniziata la rimozione del riempimento US 3833 all’interno del taglio di forma allungata US – 3832, che si è rivelato essere una fossa sepolcrale orientata W-E, contenente i resti di un individuo adulto che sarà scavato nei prossimi giorni. A nord est continua la messa in luce dell’individuo USK 3828, orientato S-N e posto parallelo alla tomba US – 3741.

AREA 5000

Today we continued revealing the layer of slate roofing in area D and finished the day with a final photo documenting our progress. A large amount of pottery and nails were uncovered during this cleaning process as well as mysterious pieces of metal and marble. We believe that these pieces are the remains of a marble column once used in the cloister or area 4000. On monday we plan to continue digging down and exposing the next layer of soil and hopefully gain more insight about our finds.

AREA 6000


Area 6000 continued to photograph the skeletons in burials 6199, 6201, and 6182 For 3D images.  This process helps to give the burials a more accurate representation when using computer programs in association with GIS.  Burials 6199 and 6201 were also used for points for the GIS lab.  This required help from those working within section 6000; many helped to steady the prisms over various bones in each burial and around each skeleton. Throughout the afternoon the members of section 6000, along with help from other sections on site, took out the skeletons in Burials 6199 and 6201, labeled them, and cleared the area.  Also, the skeleton in Burial 6282 Was cleaned and prepared for photography