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Storia della Medicina
Storia della Medicina
di Vincenzo Formicola, Sonia Cammellini, Davide Caramella, Angiolo Del Lucchese, Gwenaelle Goude, Mariasilvia Saccone, Gino Fornaciari

The skull is affected by a left temporal bone fracture healed with loss of bony fragments. The squama appears slightly depressed and, radiographically, shows two main lines of fusion radiating from the lower part of the bone where three lacunae can be observed. On the parietal bone, immediately above the area affected by trauma, the skull exhibits two regularly curved grooves. One, about 3 cm long,  starts from the posterior border of the squamosal...

Data inserimento: 01 gennaio 2012 | Lingua: Inglese
n. visualizzazioni: 1974
Archeologia Funeraria
Archeologia Funeraria
di Laura Cignoni, Valentina Giuffra, Simona Minozzi, Gino Fornaciari

This paper reports on the differences between two specialized funerary archaeology courses conducted by a native language teacher from the Institute for Computational Linguistics of the National Research Council in Pisa and a subject specialist in paleopathology and funerary archaeology from the Division of Palaeopathology, Department of Translational Research on New Technologies in Medicine and Surgery of Pisa University. Lessons addressed to first cycle...

Data inserimento: 01 marzo 2014 | Lingua: Inglese
n. visualizzazioni: 2301
di Gino Fornaciari

In the last decades, paleopathologists have developed a growing interest in archaeological, anthropological, and medical disciplines. However, although there have been satisfactory results, which are reflected in numerous publications at the international level and in academic credits that, for example, have led to the establishment of an autonomous Division of Paleopathology (unique in an Italian University) at the Faculty of 
Medicine in...

Data inserimento: 05 gennaio 2013 | Lingua: Italiano
n. visualizzazioni: 2255
di L. Ventura, R. Gaeta, V. Giuffra, C. Mercurio, M.L. Pistoia, A. Ciccozzi, M. Castagna, G. Fornaciari

The breast has not been widely studied in mummified human remains, though it can be recognized in many ancient bodies. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first series of mummified mammary glands investigated by using modern technologies. Following this approach, we were able to find different alterations. Fibrocystic change appeared a possible diagnosis in two out of...

Data inserimento: 15 settembre 2014 | Lingua: Inglese
n. visualizzazioni: 2286
Ergonomia Scheletrica
Ergonomia Scheletrica
di V. Giuffra, R. Bianucci, M. Milanese, G. Fornaciari

 Una sepoltura di massa, riferibile all’epidemia di peste di Alghero del 1582-1583, è stata scoperta nel 2008-2009. Tra le vittime dell’epidemia è stato identificato lo scheletro di un maschio di 35-40 anni con una serie di lesioni peculiari riferibili a stress occupazionale. 

I resti scheletrici sono stati sottoposti a studio antropologico, paleopatologico e radiologico: la colonna, le spalle e le ginocchia...

Data inserimento: 09 maggio 2013 | Lingua: Inglese
n. visualizzazioni: 1670
di Gino Fornaciari, Valentina Giuffra

Medicina, storia e tecnologia: quando il passato ritorna in 3D

Data inserimento: 02 agosto 2014 | Lingua: Italiano
n. visualizzazioni: 2220
Archeologia Funeraria
Archeologia Funeraria
di Francesco Coschino , Antonio Fornaciari, Simona Minozzi

Recent developments in the excavation and osteological studies of human skeletal remains have shown the need to adopt a computer and digital approach, which is both practical and methodological, and able to integrate the knowledge and skills acquired in recent years by different branches of  archaeoantropologi- cal studies, using modern and innovative tools. JASs has repeatedly promoted a “renewal” of the practices related to information...

Data inserimento: 01 gennaio 2010 | Lingua: Inglese
n. visualizzazioni: 2186
di Gino Fornaciari, Raffaele Gaeta

Paleopathology is the discipline that studies ancient diseases through the use of human skeletal or mummified remains. For these reasons it differs from the history of medicine, which debate on past medical theories, therapies and diseases by historical and literary sources. The paleopathology therefore is strictly linked to the application of traditional medicine methods but enriched and supported by other subjects like history, anthropology and archeology.

An important branch of...

Data inserimento: 10 settembre 2014 | Lingua: Inglese
n. visualizzazioni: 2845
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