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Beyond the Pandemic

Society, health, economy and rules in the post Covid-19 era. The point on the current situation in comparison with the epidemic of “Spanish Flu of 1918-19” in an article by Gino Fornaciari.……

Progetto ‘Medici’: the ”misterious” death of Francesco I de’ Medici and Bianca Cappello

Recently Mari et al. , "exhuming" an old legend, claimed that the Grand Duke Francesco I and his wife Bianca Cappello were poisoned with arsenic by the Grand Duke's brother, the Cardinal Ferdinand. (Mari F, Polettini A,…

Food and disease at the Renaissance courts of Naples and Florence: A paleonutritional study

Introduction Carbon and nitrogen stable isotope analysis of bone collagen is now an almost routine method in the study of ancient diets. By stable isotope analysis it is possible to determine directly the type of diet of an…

Application of segmentation and 3D rendering techniques in the mummies of Cangrande della Scala (1291-1329) and S. Giacomo della Marca (1391-1476)

G. Fornaciari 1, V. Giuffra 1, M. Sabato 2, S. Minozzi 1, D. Caramella2, V. Ferrari 3, L. Ventura 4, G. Schenal 5, F. Mosca 6 3 University of Pisa, Di vision of Paleopathology, History of Medicine and Bioethics, Department…

Research activities

Directed by Valentina Giuffra - associate professor of History of Medicine at the University of Pisa - and by Gino Fornaciari - professor of Paleopathology - the Division carries out research ranging from funerary archeology to the study of mummies, to osteo-archeology, to the application of modern biomedical technologies in order to determine the biological and paleopathological profile of ancient human groups (histological, radiological, immunological, immunohistochemical, ultrastructural and genetic investigations).

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